The gold standard in digital court recording—extended to multiple courtrooms or courthouses

Designed specifically for monitoring and controlling recordings in the courtroom from outside of the courtroom— For The Record’s suite of monitoring software supports jurisdictions of all sizes. 

FTR Gold Monitoring Suite 7 includes all the recording innovations of Recording Suite that dramatically improve the quality, capacity, and accessibility of audio and video court recordings. 

With added remote control and central monitoring of up to 16 channels high-fidelity audio and four channels of HD video across all rooms, FTR Gold Monitoring Suite has everything you need to record and manage the court record for the entire courthouse. 


  • Remotely monitors and records proceedings in multiple courtrooms or courthouses from a central location—all without stepping foot in the courtroom
  • Captures every word and gesture with multichannel, high-fidelity audio and HD video recording  
  • Quickly and easily manages the recordings of one or many remote recorders from a single PC anywhere on the network 
  • Gives a complete picture of recording activity across the enterprise with clear, level indicators
  • Verifies quality and confidence in recording with simultaneous playback as audio and video recordings are captured 
  • Remotely annotates recordings by adding searchable Log Notes, which are linked to specific points in the recording 
  • Offers group policy driven user management to control access to sensitive recordings 
  • Simplifies upgrades by retaining configuration settings from previous versions

Revolutionary features

  • Advanced recorders, which capture up to 16 channels of high-fidelity audio and four channels of HD video, are monitored remotely across multiple locations 
  • Dual-licensing model supports customers requiring difference license types, including machine or site licenses 
  • Group policy integration to manage user accessibility to recordings, log sheets, and other features of the suite  
  • Improved installer simplifies upgrade from previous versions of FTR Gold
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Reporter 7 and Recording Suite 7, as well as older versions of Warehouse

What's included in FTR Gold Monitoring Suite


FTR Monitor watches the recording activity and remotely controls key recording functions of any of the connected PCs.


FTR Manager enables easy management of content conversions, sealing / unsealing, and saving.


FTR Player is the gold standard for digital recording playback and transcription.