A digital solution for remote court proceedings

With jurisdictions around the world turning to technology to keep courts accessible, For The Record’s speed and innovations have kept the wheels of justice moving. More importantly, we are ensuring courts are ready for the future as part of the urgently needed shift to digital justice.

For The Record’s Digital Justice solution provides governments and courts with trusted, industry leading technology for capturing, managing, and distributing audio and video recordings to achieve justice – from anywhere.

Digital Justice has brought participants together safely from their homes, chambers or offices, with courts dialing in For The Record software to record cases outside traditional session hours and across multiple jurisdictions.

Working closely with court administration executives and judges, as well as leading industry partners such as Microsoft, our solution ensures the needs of the court and public are met.

With Digital Justice, courts can now leverage the capabilities and security of Microsoft Teams – specifically built for the courtroom environment – to conduct proceedings while automatically capturing a high-quality court record in For The Record’s proprietary format.


  • Reliable, secure, and seamless public access to court proceedings and services
  • Familiarity built around traditional courtroom protocols
  • Transition between the physical and virtual environments with ease
  • Foster speedier trials
  • Sustain continuity in operations
  • Automate and digitize in-person, physical, and manual processes
  • Centralize electronic data collection shared during the litigation life cycle
  • Reduce administrative burden

Smart features

  • For The Record’s virtual recorder is a silent participant to reliably capture high-quality recordings
  • Audio and video recordings are instantaneously stored for access and future transcription
  • The court can direct participants to either a waiting room or directly into the courtroom
  • Parties can move to private meeting rooms such as bench conferences and sidebar discussion during a hearing – and invite the virtual recorder as needed
  • Participants can raise their hand to make a clarification or an objection and share documents and other content on screen to present as evidence in their case
  • Integration directly with the court’s case management system automates calendar scheduling and hearing invite creation, without disrupting everyday court processes
  • Digital Justice is simple, easy-to-use, and allows participants to join using any web device or a standard phone
  • Helpful user guides and videos are customized and translated into Spanish to facilitate access for all users

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Digital Justice will enhance the way justice is delivered, accessed and experienced by all court users now, and well into the future.

Through our expertise in judicial proceedings and strong relationships with key partners, we aim to bring continuous improvement and excellence in the delivery of our Digital Justice solution, court technologies and services.