Crystal-clear courtroom acoustics and recordings

Understanding gained from more than 30,000 courtroom installations and a foundation in the applied sciences of sound and vision—For The Record is the only technology company that draws on both to create fit-for-purpose justice AV solutions.

Whether For The Record audio engineers and court specialists are designing for a single-use interview room or a jurisdiction handling everything from arraignments to hybrid proceedings to high-profile jury trials, our justice partners’ needs are always our priority.

We provide customized audio/visual technology, acoustic design and processing algorithms, and expert installation, all informed by our decades of experience in courtrooms around the world.

Our solutions are engineered utilizing the principles of physics—devised to maximize clear, natural communication in the physical courtroom, and deliver the clearest recordings possible for transcript and digital record accuracy.

Courtroom technology, design, and installation solutions

For The Record’s sound scientists develop the most advanced solutions to negate the environmental and audio distractions that can adversely affect the ability to hear. That’s why our courtroom justice solutions “hear” better than the human ear, recording exactly what is said.  

Then, we combine strategically selected and positioned recording hardware with For The Record’s patented and proprietary software so our solutions:

Optimize signal-to-noise ratio and eliminate distortion
Increase intelligibility of the spoken word
Reduce ongoing costs with streamlined fit-for-purpose court design

Design philosophy

“The audio/visual equipment we recommend for a court partner must meet a clearly defined court-business requirement. Often, it’s not the latest or the most expensive, but it is fit-for-purpose for that court’s needs.”

Tony Douglass, President, For The Record

Our understanding of courtrooms provides us with unique insights into the courts’ need for stable, reliable systems and of their day-to-day processes and procedures.

Our knowledge of signal-to-noise ratios ensures we are strategic—engineering solutions that maximize courtroom design, purpose, and technology while reducing background noise.

We design technology and solutions that are:

  • Simplified
    • Need to facilitate court hearings—not hinder
    • Intuitive to operate
  • Sustainable
    • Require minimal oversight
    • Reduce operational costs
  • Reliable
    • Easy to monitor and service
    • Recover quickly from outages

Courtroom technology, design, and installation process

Every courtroom is a unique, complex, multi-speaker environment. For The Record creates informed and customized designs and installations that are fit-for-purpose—in each courtroom, in each courthouse, and in each jurisdiction—for today and the future.

Onsite review

No two courtrooms are the same, so our court audio professionals identify the challenges and nuances of your courtroom and your court processes before we begin.

Courtroom design, technology and installation

Fit-for-purpose design

Having immersed ourselves in your court’s physical, administrative, and IT needs, we customize your design to meet them. Getting it right now ensures the solution is fit-for-purpose.

Skilled installation

Our team members have installed tens of thousands of audio and video recording systems in courtrooms. Expect respect for court traditions and procedures, and minimal impact on your proceedings.

Why is For The Record trusted by more jurisdictions around the world than any other court recording company? Because the accuracy of any digital court record relies on the purity of the sound and video captured.

To assist with your court’s technology design and installation planning, contact us today.